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Sam & Pauline Adams have owned and operated a trucking business serving the agriculture industry since 2011. Having been a farmer and dairyman his whole life, Sam saw the opportunity to best serve those communities with the transport of their feed commodities. Over the course of these 11 years, Sam & Pauline have built a thriving trucking company from one broken down old truck to a fleet of 24 trucks today. The Adams’ recognize the great need for truckers to deliver products all across the country that our society uses on a daily basis and that there will always be a ready job available to those that eagerly and competently pursue such a profession.


As their business grew, Sam & Pauline understood that well-trained drivers are essential to running a successful trucking company - drivers that are safe, timely and reliable. When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) began to require training to those seeking to obtain a CDL, Sam and Pauline decided to help those desiring to be a part of this industry by offering the knowledge, skill and training they have procured themselves and through some of their very own best drivers that have been on the road for years.

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